Information resources: stem cells

Below are a list of trusted resources for learning about stem cells, research, and potential treatments

International Society for Stem Cell Research
Learn about stem cells with the website ‘Closer Look at Stem Cells’ 
Website link: ISSCR Stem Cell Facts
PDF download: Stem Cell Facts Brochure ISSCR

The National Institutes of Health is also an excellent resource:
NIH Stem Cell Basics

Euro Stem Cell Agency 
The Euro Stem Cell Agency also publish their own fact sheets: 
Stem Cell Fact Sheets

To know more about stem cell treatment and bone marrow transplants, or find out for which diseases and conditions scientists are looking to develop stem cell treatments, visit:
EuroStemCell What diseases and conditions can be treated

In 2015 the International Society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT) published a reference guide on unproven cellular therapies.  
It is part of their long-term program to deal with unproven stem cell therapies, and raise awareness of unethical treatments and medical tourism. It also contains a useful overview of regulatory frameworks for stem cell treatments worldwide.  The guide can be found on their website and HERE.

Canadian Stem Cell Foundation
The Canadian Stem Cell Foundation's website has prepared a series of information on specific diseases and how these relate to stem cell research.   


We aim to:

  • Promote the study and use of stem cells

  • Prevent or control diseases or illness

  • Enhance public education about stem cells