Teacher's kit

The Foundation’s predecessor organisation, the Australian Stem Cell Centre (ASCC), developed the following teachers kit in respect of stem cell science and related topics. Please note that while the teachers’ kit was updated shortly before the ASCC closed in 2011, the kit is provided for information purposes only and has not been updated since 2011.

We're pleased to offer this free resource for teachers. From this page you can download the complete teachers' kit and complementing PowerPoint presentations.

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Please note, you can download the complete kit below, or just the section that suits you. It is recommended you download the contents page and introduction to read if you plan to only to download a section of the Kit.

Stem Cell Teachers' Kit - full version (4mb)

Common acronyms and glossary (57kb)

Curriculum Guide (157kb)

PowerPoint Presentations:

Introduction to Stem Cell PowerPoint Presentation (with notes) (3.9mb)

Activity 5.1 Stem Cell Opinion Poll PowerPoint Presentation (1mb)


We aim to:

  • Promote the study and use of stem cells

  • Prevent or control diseases or illness

  • Enhance public education about stem cells