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National Stem Cell Foundation of Australia

Registered Office:
Suite 5, 242 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield North, Victoria, 3161

ABN: 84 152 713 098


Julia Mason
Executive Officer

Office and Postal Address:
Suite 5, 242 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield North, Victoria, 3161

03 9524 3166

Please be aware that the NSCFA is not able to provide specific medical advice to patients or their relatives regarding illnesses, injuries, or their treatment with stem cells.

We recommend strongly that people seeking such advice carefully read the documents available on our website under Patient Resources including the Patient Handbook, the Resources for Patients, and the links in the Patient Handbook. There are also two documents for patients and their doctors under development on the NHMRC websiteReading these documents will answer most questions.

It is critically important that patients and their relatives discuss their intentions in seeking alternative therapies with their family doctor and their treating specialists.  Patients and their relatives should be aware that unproven stem cell treatments requiring payment, which is not reimbursed by Medicare or other insurers, are now being offered in Australia for a wide range of conditions where there is no scientific or clinical trial evidence to support their claimed efficacy.

We point out that it is not usual practice to charge fees for treatments during their clinical trial phases. A list of clinical trials and information about participating in clinical trials can be found at the Australian Government clinical trials website


We aim to:

  • Promote the study and use of stem cells

  • Prevent or control diseases or illness

  • Enhance public education about stem cells