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Why stem cells decline as we age: Metcalf Prize winner on ABC's The Science Show

by Niall Byrne | Feb 05, 2018

You, me and ABC's The Science Show host Robyn Williams - we all started life as a single stem cell.

Our 2017 Metcalf Prize winner Jessica Mar was a guest on ABC RN's The Science Show, sharing her career journey from meeting Don Metcalf in her first research post at Walter and Eliza Hall Institute to USA and now back to her home town of Brisbane. 

 She also explains how she uses bioinformatics to study the genetics of how our stem cells produce the different cells and tissues of our bodies and how this changes through our lives.

LISTEN to her interview on the ABC website.

Jessica's interview with Robyn follows her featuring as a Friday Profile in Cosmos magazine.

READ her profile at the Cosmos magazine website.


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