Meet the jury

Metcalf Prizes 2017 judging panel



Associate Professor Caroline Gargett
Endometrial stem & progenitor cells and their role in role in endometriosis & endometrial cancer, characterising epithelial progenitor cells & mesenchymal stem cells, tissue engineering

Dr Karin Tiedemann OAM

Paediatric oncology, clinical haematology, bone marrow & cord blood transplantation
Emeritus Professor Graham Macdonald AM
Nephrology, kidney (renal) endocrinology, high blood pressure & vascular disease, biotechnology
Professor Susie Nilsson
HSC biology, transplantation and microenvironment,  murine & human.  xenograft models, ESC derived HSC, HSC mobilisation
Professor Andrew Elefanty
Cardiac stem cells, gene targeting, development and differentiation, blood cells
Professor Patrick Tam
Stem cell biology, embryological development, cellular and molecular mechanisms of lineage differentiation and tissue patterning
Professor Jane Visvader
Breast stem cells, breast cancer cells of origin, molecular genetics, epigenetics, hormonal signalling, stem cell regulation
Professor Ernst Wolvetang
ES cells, iPS cells, in vitro disease models, control of stem cell survival and differentiation,  novel regenerative medicine approaches
Professor George Yeoh

Molecular genetics, molecular and cellular changes during liver carcinogenesis, liver stem cells, regenerative medicine


We aim to:

  • Promote the study and use of stem cells

  • Prevent or control diseases or illness

  • Enhance public education about stem cells