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When the Manor Lakes ‘Storm’ Football Club under 12s and their families aren’t kicking goals and supporting each other on the field, they’re applying their team spirit to craft, cake-making and fundraising. When Jai, the younger brother of team player Callum, was diagnosed with a heart condition, the club asked the family what they could do to offer support. The boys’ mother Kim suggested they raise funds for stem cell research. She chose the Foundation to receive the benefits of their efforts. They held a cake and craft stall and a raffle, raising $334.15 for stem cell science. This will help our ongoing work, such as awarding the Metcalf Prizes. We will take great pleasure in being able to tell the family about newly minted Metcalf Prize winner Enzo Porrello whose research is specifically targeting congenital heart disease as well as other heart conditions. A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE INVOLVED AT MANOR LAKES STORM.    
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