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Bench to bedside matched-funding campaigns

We now have in place an ambitious campaign to fund various research projects throughout Australia through a series of matched funding campaigns. We will match donations received from members of the public dollar-for-dollar up to an approved limit.

We’re focusing on projects that are nearing the clinic, working with donors to provide a funding injection that we hope will help bring new treatments to people with serious illnesses sooner.

The first two of these projects target two conditions that are among the largest contributors to the burden of disease borne by Australians: diabetes and cardiovascular disease:

  • Professor Bernie Tuch is developing a new treatment for type 1 diabetes. Find out more.
  • Associate Professor James Chong wants to use stem cells to mend broken hearts following heart attacks. Find out more.
  • Associate Professor Mike Doran is exploring the potential of special cells taken from placentas to repair non-union bone fractures. Find out more.
  • Dr Tom Edwards wants to use the infectious power of viruses to develop cures for blinding eye disease using gene therapy. Find out more.