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Donate to our Bone Project fund

A new regenerative medicine treatment to help mend broken bones chosen to receive donations through the Foundation’s 2020 Matched Funding Program.

“Everyone knows someone who has broken a bone,” explains Associate Professor Mike Doran from Queensland University of Technology.

“In most cases, bone tissue will repair on its own very efficiently. However, in some patients, fractures do not heal, and non-unions form."

Mike is exploring the potential of special cells taken from placentas to repair non-union bone fractures.

With your support, the National Stem Cell Foundation of Australia wants to help fund Mike’s research into a new stem cell treatment for fractures at risk of non-union.

The Foundation aims to provide $100,000 for the project, by matching, dollar for dollar, every public donation of $500 or more, capped at $50,000.

If you would like your donation to be targeted specifically to this initiative, please use the online payment function in this section and, when prompted, specify ‘bone’ as the specific project you would like your donation allocated to. We will then match the amount you've donated and send the total amount to Mike at Queensland University of Technology.

Read more about Mike's research.

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