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Criteria and conditions

Eligibility criteria

  1. Applicants must be involved in stem cell research.
  2. Applications are open to post-doctoral researchers who have completed their PhD or MD (research-based) within the past 5-10 years (from August 2013 to August 2018). Allowances will be made for research career breaks.
  3. Applicants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents.
  4. Applicants must be associated with an Australian-based research institution, and must be intending to continue their research predominantly in Australia for the next 12 months.
  5. Applications will be considered only if they are complete and submitted by the due date.

Exceptions to these eligibility criteria may be considered by the prize jury. Applicants should explain their circumstances in the ‘personal statement’ section of the application form.

Selection criteria

The jury is looking for up-and-coming leaders in stem cell research: researchers who have already had several high impact publications and other recognition of their research including grants, prizes and invitations to speak at conferences.

If you don’t yet have an established publication record, you may wish to defer applying for the Metcalf Prize for a year or two while you further establish your career.

The Metcalf Prize jury will review all applications and select two Metcalf Prize winners – one man and one woman. The criteria the judging will be based on the following criteria (weightings given as percentages):

  • Intellectual merit, including academic record and publication record – 35 per cent
  • Leadership potential, including: ability to plan and conduct research; ability to work as a team member or independently; ability to interpret and communicate research findings – 35 per cent
  • Potential to have a continuing impact in stem cell research in Australia – 20 per cent
  • Professional esteem: national and international profile, invited presentations/reviews, and/or record as an ambassador for the field.- 10 per cent.

The jury’s decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Conditions of the prize

Financial conditions

  1. Two $60,000 Metcalf Prizes are available, but the National Stem Cell Foundation of Australia reserves the right not to award one or more of the prizes in any given year.
  2. The Metcalf Prizes may not be deferred nor renewed.
  3. Metcalf Prize winners will receive the funds in two part-payments: the first at the award ceremony and the final payment six months later.
  4. Candidates will be permitted to obtain matching grants or supplemental prize grants if they do not prohibit or pose a conflict in acceptance of the Metcalf Prize.
  5. The prize money is intended to help finance and support the scientific research of the Prize winners. This can include: equipment and reagents/consumables; travel and accommodation expenses, such as the cost of attending conferences or visiting overseas laboratories of excellence and relevance; child care expenses; and support for the hire of a research assistant, if required to ensure that the applicant’s research progresses.
  6. The prize money should not be used to: pay personal costs other than childcare; supplement the applicant’s salary, other than in exceptional circumstances; or pay institutional overheads.
  7. These are personal prizes and will be paid directly to the recipients, not to their research institution.


  1. The Metcalf Prizes will be announced at the the Australasian Society for Stem Cell Research Annual Scientific Meeting in November 2023, and the two Metcalf Prize winners will be expected to attend, with the cost of travel and accommodation (if required) covered by the Foundation.
  2. In the 12 months following their award, the Metcalf Prize recipients will be expected to act as advocates for stem cell science in Australia, and to be available for events, interviews with journalists and similar opportunities.
  3. The Metcalf Prize recipients will be offered mentoring and media training to help them make the most of the opportunities provided by the Prizes.

Reporting requirements

  1. Six months after the Metcalf Prize ceremony, recipients will submit a brief status report, highlighting career achievements since receiving the award, any public engagements or media appearances and any other invitations which have been extended to them as a result of their award.
  2. This first report should be submitted to the National Stem Cell Foundation of Australia and will be forwarded to jury members for review. The second prize payment will follow receipt of this report. A lay-version of activity should be incorporated into this report.
  3. One year after the Metcalf Prize ceremony, recipients will submit a report including the above, plus a reconciliation of funds spent and an indication of how these resources/activities have advanced their career.
  4. This second report should be submitted to the National Stem Cell Foundation of Australia within one month of the completion of the Metcalf Prize year (ie: within 13 months of the prize award ceremony) and will be forwarded to jury members for review.