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Give in Memory of a Loved One

Stem cell science and regenerative medicine represents the hopes and dreams of a future where doctors and clinicians have more answers than they do today.

It might be an empowering decision, and a positive experience to donate on behalf of a loved one. Some supporters of the Foundation choose to give in memory of someone they loved.

If you choose to give in this way, we thank you for your grace and generosity. If you would like us to acknowledge your gift in a special way that honours the person you love, please contact Graeme so that we can respect your wishes.

If you would like to direct donations to the National Stem Cell Foundation of Australia in lieu of flowers, we can provide you with the information brochure (below) that enables people to donate by EFT or cheque. If you would like more information, please contact Graeme Mehegan via [email protected] or 0418 588 040.

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