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How can I find out more about unsafe treatment treatments?


The ‘Australian Stem Cell Handbook’ available free on our website, has a chapter on ‘Unproven Therapies’ and lists some of the questions you should ask in trying to establish the credentials of any centre from which you might consider seeking treatment. The booklet also provides further information on stem cells and how they may ultimately be used. You may find stem cell treatment centres outside Australia advertised on the internet. It is common for such centres to also promote unsafe stem cell treatments. Information about “stem cell tourism” can be found in the Foundation’s handbook, as well as from
The European Stem Cell website at has good information relating to disease-specific progress in stem cell treatment research. Your treating specialist is the person who will be most up to date on the standard treatments available for your condition and on the progress of exciting new therapies. They will also be able to assist in assessing the suitability of a clinical trial that you may be interested in, and in assessing your eligibility to participate