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Professor Megan Munsie, BAppSc, MRepSc, PhD (Non-Executive Director)

Professor Megan Munsie is an internationally recognised biologist who has made a significant contribution to policy development and community engagement in stem cell science and regenerative medicine at a domestic and global level. She is Deputy Director of the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Stem Cell Systems in the School of Biomedical Sciences.

Megan’s research explores the role of policy to support translation of stem cell science and other emerging technologies, and how to more effectively inform community members and professionals about how medical research may impact future healthcare.

Megan serves on advisory committees to national and international scientific organisations and is the Chair of Ethics Committee for the International Society for Stem Cell Research and the Policy, Ethics and Translation Committee of the Australasian Society for Stem Cell Research. She was awarded the 2018 Public Service Award from ISSCR in recognition of her contribution to public outreach and policy advocacy in stem cell science. Professor Munsie was appointed to the National Stem Cell Foundation of Australia board on 25 May 2020.