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Supporting Australian stem cell scientists

Since its inception in 2011, the National Stem Cell foundation of Australia has spent over $1.25 million on activities to support stem cell science in Australia, from the fundamental science of reprogramming cells to research exploring potential treatments for major diseases, including cancer, heart failure and brain degeneration.

  • Funding of approved projects

We now have in place an ambitious campaign to fund various research projects throughout Australia through a series of matched funding campaigns. We will match donations received from members of the public dollar-for-dollar up to an approved limit.

We’re focusing on projects that are nearing the clinic, working with donors to provide a funding injection that we hope will help bring new treatments to people with serious illnesses sooner.

  • Supporting mid-career researchers

Each year the Foundation awards two $50,000 Metcalf Prizes for Stem Cell Research to two up-and-coming scientists to boost their career to the next level.

  • Our first funded researcher

In 2013 we funded Kathryn Davidson to return from Seattle, USA to Melbourne, bringing her cell reprogramming skills to the Centre for Eye Research Australia. There she turned skin cells into stem cells, and then into eye cells in order to study eye diseases, such as aged-related macular degeneration. Kathryn is now based at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute where she is working towards engineering stem cell therapies to treat stroke.

  • Supporting public education events

The Foundation works with researchers and like-minded organisations to provide the Australian public with objective, reliable information on both the potential and the risks of stem cell medicine.

We’ve worked with Stem Cells Australia, the Australasian Society for Stem Cell Research, and several medical research institutes to hold public events and forums where people can hear directly from researchers at the forefront of the field and ask their own questions.

  • Early career and student travel awards

The Foundation provides conference and travel support for PhD students and early-career researchers to attend and present at the Australian Society of Stem Cell Researchers conferences and the International Society of Stem Cell Researchers conference. The Foundation also sponsors a special Junior Investigator Award Program.