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Secondary Teachers and Students

Are you researching stem cells, stem cell research, or ethical issues?

We are pleased to provide a link to some curriculum content suitable for secondary teachers and students.  This content has been developed by education and science academics.  

The content covers the following topics:

  • About stem cells, the different types of stem cells, and how they function
  • The role of stem cells
  • Current uses of stem cells
  • Potential uses of stem cell technology
  • Social, legal, ethical, and economic issues relevant to stem cells
  • Includes an inquiry and investigation unit
  • Links to many resources: various media about stem cells, links to international website, and links to other printed materials and booklets.

You can find the resource here:

Questions regarding this resource should be directed to Dr Peta White at Deakin University.  

Please note this resource has not been produced by the NSCFA and the Foundation bears no responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise of the content.