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Stem Cell Research in Australia

Australia’s scientists have been at the forefront of stem cell research since stem cells were first identified. Right now, Australian scientists hold senior positions on international scientific committees and conference organisations.

However we have a challenge: our top scientists find it increasingly difficult to secure funding for their projects whether this be through Commonwealth Government funding and the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), state government sources, or their own institutions.

Together, we must work to grow the potential of stem cell research in this country and protect the future success of Australian stem cell research. We can do this by ensuring the best and brightest researchers and the most promising projects have the funds they need to thrive.

All too often, Australian scientists are lured away to other countries because they can’t get the financial support needed to continue their research. Moreover, many potentially ground breaking research projects fail to ever achieve the results researchers know could be possible – due to lack of funding.

We must not let this continue to happen. Join us in funding the next phase of stem cell research in this country and help Australian researchers create the type of future we all know is possible.

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