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How Foundation donors are helping scientists attract more funding

May 26, 2023

Thank you to our donors! You're helping emerging science leaders attract more funding from other sources.

With your support, we have awarded 18 promising researchers with Metcalf Prizes for Stem Cell Research.

Each year, we award two $60,000 prizes to support the field’s rising stars. The Foundation inaugurated the prizes to target mid-career researchers and set them up for future success. And it’s working!

Many past prize recipients have gone on to win significant government and philanthropic grants such as:

  • How embryos and cancer cells grow: the year after winning a 2020 Metcalf Prize, molecular biologist Melanie Eckersley-Maslin was awarded an $8 million Snow Fellowship to study how cancer progresses.
  • Researching stem cell treatment for healing broken hearts: cardiologist and 2016 Metcalf Prize winner James Chong was awarded $4.9 million by the Medical Research Future Fund 2020 Stem Cell Mission for his work, which will allow clinical trials to go ahead.
  • How stem cells and calcium affect breast function: in 2020, mammary biologist and 2019 Metcalf winner Felicity Davis received a grant of DKK 25 million (AUD $5.5 million) from the Novo Nordisk Foundation to continue her work investigating how breasts change through life.   

We will announce the winners of the 2023 Metcalf Prizes in November. 

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