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How will we heal damaged hearts in the future?

September 05, 2022

  • Could we boost a failing heart with ‘muscle patches’?
  • Could a stem cell injection help heart tissue regenerate?
  • Can mini hearts in a petri dish solve the mystery of 2,400 babies born with heart disease?
  • And can they explain what COVID is doing to our hearts?

Heart disease kills more than 18,500 Australians a year but that’s going to change. Not tomorrow, but in the coming decades.

Four of Australia’s top stem cell researchers joined a live online audience to answer these questions and more in the webinar event Future Medicine: Healing the Heart.

Featuring speakers:

  • Associate Professor James Chong, a researcher at the Westmead Institute of Medical Research and the University of Sydney, and a cardiologist at Westmead Hospital, working on
  • Professor Enzo Porrello, a stem cell scientist at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute working to understand congenital heart diseases and developing tissues to supplement pumping.
  • Professor James Hudson, a bioengineer at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute finding drug candidates for COVID 19-related heart damage.

The event was hosted by stem cell biologist and Foundation director and Professor Megan Munsie, from The University of Melbourne and Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

Watch a video recording of the event:

Audience feedback:

“Wonderful session! Thank You everybody” - Mainul 

“Thanks to James, Enzo and Hudson for your time. Really interesting” - Allen

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